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Crannog 11 Loch Awe

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Location: Achlian

Map reference: NN 115 247

Date of Survey: 29 September 1972

Loch level OD: 35.418 m

Highest point of crannog OD: 36.418 m

Top to bottom of crannog:

Overall spread: ca 30 m x 25 m

Usable area:

Description (1972): Natural glacial mound which had been surfaced to the E side with head-sized stones, the stones also possibly laid under the grass on top. Definite stone-built projecting 'jetty' facing SE 4.5 m wide x 7 m long.

Finds: Two bored stones, one due E and the other due W of centre: possibly thatch or net weights



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Possibly more an 'altered island' than a fully built-up structure, Crannog 11 yielded the two bored stones above

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