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Crannog 12 Loch Awe

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Location: Inistrynich ('Spick's crannog')

Map reference: NN 108 235

Date of Survey: 29 September 1972

Loch level OD: 35.418 m

Highest point of crannog OD: 36.118 m

Top to bottom of crannog: 0.5 m

Overall spread: 13.5 m x 13.5 m

Usable area: ca 4 m x 4 m

Description (1972): Small crannog in reedy bay, stone covered, built on mud and joined to the shore at time of survey.
Oak timbers visible under stone surface, set into the mud:
• 4 m x 0.20 m
• 2 m x 0.50 m
• oak trunk to W of centre
• another timber visible to N of the centre
Very shallow body of the crannog, similar in appearance to Milton Loch I and II




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The smallest of the crannogs we encountered, No 12 could only ever have held a small hut, and that floating on a foundation of mud, as the whole structure trembled when jumped on. Just like CM Piggott found at Milton Loch in 1953. It's a man-made structure, for sure, but how it compares with other kinds of crannogs in the loch will have to wait for further research
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