Crannog 18 Loch Awe

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Location: Fincharn

Map reference: NM 903 045

Date of Survey: 22 September 1972

Loch level OD: 35.509 m

Highest point of crannog OD:

Top to bottom of crannog: 1.5 m

Overall spread: 21 m x 13 m

Usable area: 13 m x 8 m

Description (1972): Built on low natural mound on an E-W bedrock ridge with protruding bedrock on NE side of crannog. Ridge then continues W away from crannog. Silt. Normally underwater. Modern cairn built on W end with an iron pole. In a small bay, nearest land to W and S. Deep channel between crannog and shore.




loch-awe-XVIII-3-s.jpg - 3023 Bytes
Crannog 18 underwater at average loch levels, except for the iron pole from the shore
loch-awe-XVIII-s.jpg - 5504 Bytes
Crannog 18 sits off improved grazing land onshore, and may have contributed in the past to the state of the land today

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